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In the aftermath of the 2008 recession thousands of Americans have faced financial hardship. Many are still struggling to make mortgage payments. Auction dates and the threat of foreclosure haunt them and threaten their security and well being. The Making Home Affordable act was designed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, but getting help from this program is far from easy. The process can be scary and confusing, and banks usually not cooperative. Homeowners face roadblocks and frustration, mismanagement and deception, all while dealing with the constant threat of foreclosure. At HSI Trust, we work tirelessly to help save homes across America. We are currently working with struggling homeowners in 48 states. Our team includes experienced financial, business, and real estate professionals, many of whom have faced foreclosure themselves and understand how to successfully navigate this overwhelming environment. If you are struggling to try to save your home while trying to provide for your family and make ends meet, HSI Trust may be able to help. Contact us today and begin the process to a brighter tomorrow.

Don't Despair

You are not alone. Many hardworking Americans have been caught by the fallout of the real estate crisis which resulted from the meltdown on Wall Street. Many have been steered into undesirable mortgages by shady brokers, or have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous mortgage modification companies.

If you are struggling to stave off foreclosure due to the fallen economy, or from hardship resulting from family crisis, illness or job loss, reach out to us. We have helped thousands of homeowners rework their mortgages, avoid foreclosure, and keep their families safe and secure in their homes.

HSI Trust - HomeSavers

A nonprofit consumer advocacy agency helping at risk homeowners. Saving one home at a time.