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HSITrust has recently learned that one or more companies and individuals are using all or part of the ABC World News Video of Chris Cuomo profiling Bruce Boguslav and Michele Varney. This has not been authorized by ABC News or HSITrust. Furthermore, HSITrust, Bruce Boguslav and Michele Varney are not affiliated with any other individuals, companies or programs, nor have they endorsed them in any way.

Please contact us immediately if you have information about other individuals or companies using this video and/or claiming to be affiliated in any way with HSITrust, Bruce Boguslav or Michele Varney. 


To be sure you have reached us - call 508-304-9495 or email to info@hsitrust.org or go to the HSITrust Facebook page, our blog or find us on Twitter @HSITrust.

Existing HSI Trust clients have specific information to reach us.  If you have any concerns please contact our office at 508-304-9495 or via the above methods as well. 

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We continue to experience a high volume of calls and emails since the ABC News Nightline Segment aired on July 4, 2012 and January 16, 2012, the ABC News Primetime Nightline Segment that aired on December 10, 2011 and the ABC World News Segment that aired on October 13, 2011.


Please send emails to  info@hsitrust.org


Include the following info in your emails: A phone number, best time to reach you, a discription of the issues you are having and name of lender/servicer.


If you have an AUCTION NOTICE/SALE DATE please include in the subject line of your email.


We will do our best to respond to each and everyone and appreciate your patience and understanding.



Want to give back? Please sign our petition to rescind our client, Gigi Bridges' JP Morgan Chase Bank improper foreclosure due to bank error. Send a message to Chase that unfairness is not acceptable.


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We are experienced financial, business and real estate professionals who have all been in your situation and successfully navigated the system for ourselves and hundreds of others.  We understand what you are going through so you can count on us to take your situation seriously and treat it confidentially.





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