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We have been featured in Chris Cuomo’s Bringing America Back segment on World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.  We have also been featured on ABC News’ Nightline and Nightline in Primetime.  We continue to experience a larger than normal call volume since the segments aired. We will be in touch with all who have contacted us as soon as possible. Please send your questions or tell us about your situation by contacting us at info@hsitrust.org or calling out office at 508-304-9495


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Getting Yourself in Financial Order with HSI Trust

We are financial professionals, with a successful track record since 2009.  

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HSI Trust:

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Mortgage Loan Modifications – HAMP, 2MP, Lender Specific Loan Modifications

Short Sales/Short Payoffs 

Refiance Options even if “underwater”: HARP and others

Credit Card and Student Loan Debt 

Small Business and Line of Credit issues 

We Are Here to Support You!

Why Would a Mortgage Company or Financial InstitutionTalk to Us?

We work with you and your financial institutions to turn what they call a “non-performing” asset into a “performing” asset (with your permission) or preventing a performing asset becoming non-performing or many other areas that benefit both you and the Financial institution.


What We Do?

Make an appointment to meet with a representative for a free consultation at your house, our office or by telephone.  We can tell you which financial documents are necessary to provide a realistic picture of your situation.  We can let you know your options, help you set your goals, and setup and execute a plan.


Who Are We?

We are experienced financial, business and real estate professionals who have all been in your situation and successfully navigated the system for ourselves and hundreds of others.  We know what you are going through so you can count on us to take your situation seriously and treat it confidentially.


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